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Bits Cryptocurrency Mobile



Cryptocurrencies are a form of currency that has been around since 2009 but it is still a mystery to a lot of people, especially since it isn’t run by a bank. The issue that my project is trying to solve is to make a cryptocurrency app that is easy for anybody who is interested to wrap their head around.


The goals of this project are:

  • Make cryptocurrencies easy to buy and sell.
  • Demystify cryptocurrency for people.
  • Help people make smart choices when buying or selling cryptocurrency.


This is a solo design project for Dribbble Education’s Product Design Bootcamp. My role in this was to create the visual look and feel so the Research, Empathy and Define stages were already completed.


The Steps

Previous Work

Before I started the visual design, I was presented with the user research, user flow and wireframes.

User Research

Crypto Enthusiast User Persona

User Flow

Bits User Flow

01 Ideation

Visual Research: Colour

The colours I chose were meant to create a feeling of trust and loyalty. Cryptocurrency isn’t trusted by most people and so people need to feel like they can trust it. The main colour is blue to give a sense of loyalty and trust.

Colour Style Guide

Visual Research: Typography

Roboto is used throughout the entire design. Its simple but sturdy design makes the app more inviting while also being good to giving important information to the viewer.

Typography Style Guide

Visual Research: Iconography

The icons used in this project have a rounded design which contributes to the goal of making this app look inviting and accessible.

Iconography Style Guide

Visual Design

Bits High Fidelity Screens

02 Prototype & Test

View the Figma prototype here.

05 Annotate

Bits Documentation



Outcome & Lessons Learned
The final result is a cryptocurrency app that makes information about buying and selling cryptocurrency easily digestible. This project challenged me with finding a solution to a topic I was not familiar with and made me a better designer because of that.

Final Thoughts
Designing the app has been a challenging and rewarding journey. I was able to successfully achieve my goal of providing a simple solution based on the user research that was provided to me.

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