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Apex Lens AR



The challenge of this project is to create a project that would ‘do good.’ For this specific project, I am trying to create an app that will benefit human and animal relationships and put an end to the trophy hunting and poaching of endangered species.

“…some areas have undergone “empty savanna syndrome”…The ecosystem is there, but large wild mammals are simply gone due to unregulated over-hunting.” -Jeremy Hence


The goals of this project are:

  • Give governments a better way to make money than through trophy hunting.
  • Making tourists excited about visiting countries where certain animals can be found.
  • Help livestock farmers who live near wild animals have better relationships with them.


This is a solo design project for the AIGA Shine Mentorship Program.


The Steps

01 Research & Empathise

Market Research

For this project, I looked at the mobile experiences of the Uffizi Gallery app (the Uffizi Gallery is an art museum in Florence, Italy), Adobe Capture and Duolingo. Each of these apps informed different features and experiences that I wanted to be present in my app.

User Research

Tourist User Persona

Livestock Herder User Persona

Politician User Persona

02 Define the Problem

Pain Points

These are the main pain point that I saw when working on this project:

  • Tourists what to be able to share their photos with their family and friends quickly so that they can spend as much time focusing on their trip.
  • Farmers need a way to keep their livestock safe because many other options haven’t worked.
  • Politicians want to be able to increase their countries’ economies.


Apex Lens Wireframes Sketch

Apex Lens Wire Flow

03 Ideation

Visual Research: Colour

The colours I chose were meant to create a calming feeling. The main colour of blue is meant to inspire trust within all the potential users of the app.

Colour Style Guide

Visual Research: Typography

Roboto is used throughout the entire design. Its simple design makes the app more inviting while also making important information easy to read.

Typography Style Guide

Visual Design

Apex Lens AR High Fidelity Screens




With this information, the problem was solved by creating an app that allowed users to find information about the animals they see using augmented reality and then take a picture. And then they can share it with their friends and families. This ability to share photos helps farmers protect their herds and helps researchers track the animals they are responsible for. By completing this project I got more experience in using the user interface design workflow.

Final Thoughts

Designing the app has been challenging but exciting because animal conservation is something I am passionate about. My goal was to provide a simple solution that would make users want to continually use the app.

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